Erin Putterman, Ph. D
Psychologist - Psychologue
Why go for Psychotherapy?
Usually, people seek out the help of a therapist when they feel as though something in their lives is not working; their relationships are unsatisfying, they are distressingly preoccupied with thoughts or worries, they are down or anxious a lot of the times, or are suffering in some fashion. In a sense, they often feel "stuck".
The therapeutic environment is a space for you to contemplate making changes, and see yourself, or your life, differently. This is not something most of us can do on our own; even though we may spend a great deal of time thinking about, or even being preoccupied with our problems or issues, they are simply bouncing around our brains in the same way - with no new angles.
A psychologist with whom you have a good rapport can help provide a place for you to discuss your life, your feelings, and your concerns in a different way - without having to concern yourself with the effect it may have on your therapist. Often people cannot truly process tougher issues with the important people in their lives because they don't wish to upset or worry them, or they simply fear being judged. This is one of the aspects that makes the therapeutic relationship unique.